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In Bali, everyone will find their favorite activity and spend their time the way they want. This is a fact – the island is diverse not only with various, beautiful beaches, but can also offer a rich program for active recreation. If you want to spice up your beach holiday with various activities, you need to decide what to do in Bali. See below for a list of leisure activities that I offer:

Trips on a private yacht

I recommend a day tour on a yacht to the neighboring islands of Nusa Penida! The yachts are designed for 4-20 people, depending on your company. In the morning you will be picked up from the hotel and villa by car and driven to the pier, which is located in the Sanur area. There you will be met by the captain of the yacht, who will tell you about the ship and describe the route step by step. On a yacht you will go to wild beaches, snorkel on the reef, see beautiful fish, look at huge manta rays, and also have unrivaled trolling! There are yachts of 11 and 17 meters to choose from. The duration of the trip on the water is 7-8 hours. For prices, please write to WHATSAPP or EMAIL.

Yacht Private surfing lessons

One of the main areas of active pastime is surfing! Surfing in Bali is definitely worth trying at least once! An ocean of emotions, positivity and new impressions – all this gives you high-quality surfing, which is taught on the island by Russian-speaking surfers. The cost of a one-time lesson is $50. The training program includes equipment, a lesson on the water for 2 hours and a separate 20-30 minutes on the beach for theory. It should be noted that training takes place only on Kuta beach, because this is the best and safest beach for training. You can contact me via the feedback form to receive more detailed information on available schools in Bali.

Yoga classes

We have contacts of yoga instructors who can come to your hotel or villa to teach private hatha yoga classes. The lesson lasts an hour and a half. As a rule, the session is held in the morning or at sunset. The cost of one lesson is $50. Write to WhatsApp to attend the lesson!

Diving in Bali

The island of Bali is washed by the waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Thanks to this, here you have a unique opportunity to “check the boxes” by marking these two great oceans on the map of your travels. The most interesting diving spots are on the east coast of Bali – in the area of Amed and its neighboring areas. On average, dives cost $120 for certified divers for 2 dives per day. The price includes transfer from the dive center to the dive site and back, equipment, light lunch, drinks and dive guide services. You can contact me via the feedback form to receive more detailed information on diving tour registrations.

Fishing in Bali

Fishing in Bali arouses increased interest and excitement among all lovers of recreation with a fishing rod, because on the island it is characterized by amazing diversity. The waters between Australia and Indonesia are the spawning grounds for three species of tuna: bigeye, yellowfin and bluefin. In addition to tuna in Bali, you can catch white or red Snapper sea bass, local Mahi-Mahi fish, barracuda, and this is not a complete list of the inhabitants of Bali’s waters. Such wealth makes fishing in Bali truly unforgettable! The cost of fishing is $350. The price includes: transfer, insurance, boat rental, equipment, coral fishing, trolling, lunch and refreshments. You can contact me via the feedback form to receive more detailed information on organizing a fishing trip.

Rafting in Bali

Get ready to get wet from head to toe and have fun! Rafting in Bali is one of the most exciting activities! We offer you a 15-kilometer descent along the TelagaWaja River. The entire route takes 2.5 hours, during which you will sail through the Bali rainforest, winding gorges, magnificent rice terraces, and impenetrable jungle with wild animals! The cost of rafting is $45, transfer, equipment, insurance, towel, lunch and drinks are included. You can contact us via the feedback form to receive more detailed information on organizing a rafting tour.

Climbing Mount Batur Volcano

This is one of the most interesting tours on the entire island. Batur is a mountain and, at the same time, an active volcano, whose height above sea level is 1717 meters. The last activity was observed in 2000, when a column of ash up to 300 meters high erupted from the crater of the volcano. Now the volcano reminds that it is active by the constant release of hot steam from fissures inside the mountain. With this steam, you can cook yourself scrambled eggs, if you try. To find out the details of organizing an ascent to the Batur volcano, you can contact us via the feedback form.

SPA and massage in Bali

The island of Bali is the generally recognized capital of the famous Asian SPA and massages. If you love comfort and all kinds of cosmetic procedures, we recommend you

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