Is Vivid Seats Legit? Check 50+ Users Based Reviews

To find an accurate and unadulterated answers to the question that has been bothering users, is Vivid seats legit, we need to first explore it’s features and what it offers. It can be referred to as one of the ticket generating source that users have been associated with for a long time now.

The most essential question that has put it under scrutiny is whether it is safe to opt for this method. Let’s take a look at all the points that elaborate upon it.

Is it safe to buy tickets off of Vivid Seats?

Since the emergence of the company, it has given a broad scope for users to sell tickets, if they are any point lose a willingness to go for it. Apart from it, it also offers great opportunities to purchase them as well at reasonable costs. Despite the fact that it has evoked several questions such as, is Vivid seats legit, it has stood firm on its claims. Since its birth, it has catered to the needs of millions across the world.

It is a safe space for all sports, concerts, etc enthusiasts. It is primarily because it offers an assurance for every purchase in the form of buyer’s guarantee. Apart from it, there are also regulations in place which further keeps any sort of transaction safe and secure. They also ensure they get the ticket to the rightful owner much before the main event. Not only this, but they also compensate in case the user faces any trouble with their order. Such features and more have been a source of trust and guarantee of legitimacy of the site.

How does Vivid seats have tickets before they go on sale?

The very fact that it offers sellers an unmissable chance to put up tickes for sale make tickets accessible much before the main event. This also evokes questions such as, is Vivid seats legit. For example, when a user losses interest in a particular event, he or she can opt for reselling it. They also search for ticket availability based on the customized preferences of the user which makes tickets much easily accessible.

Can Ticketmaster be trusted?

Those who find the question, is Vivid seats legit, troubling can opt for ticket master. It has been in existence for almost thirty years or more. It is functional in more than twenty countries and grants access to users to enjoy events of their choosing, live.

Can I Buy from Vivid Seats in UK?

It can be a boon for the residents of UK who are equally thrilled to get hold of tickets that they have long been yearning for, to access Vivid Seats in UK. Even though the question, is Vivid seats legit, still lurks, the fact that it can potentially help them find the perfect have for all their dream moments, cannot be ignored. However, it might be difficult to use this platform from other countries apart from the USA and UK.

Vivid Seats Google reviews

To testify for all the claim it makes, a thorough look at the Google reviews is mandatory. It shall also get rid of any questions that hovers above you, such as is Vivid seats legit. There have been several reviews and we have compiled a few of them below:

Positive feedbacks:

  • There are some feedbacks that have hailed the customer service which came to their rescue when they weren’t able to locate their tickets.
  • Another user commented that despite the tickets being a big overpriced, he had a wholesome experience purchasing tickets for Coachella from Vivid tickets.
  • Vivid seats has ticket guarantee policy which has been a love save for a user. He was able to find the tickets to his much desired concert after toiling for a long time.

Negative remarks:

  • One user commented that he had a horrible time trying to navigate through the site’s process. His tickets were rescheduled for which he demanded a refund but to no avail.
  • Many users have expressed their discontent with the price which some have remarked as “double” of what it normally takes to get a ticket.
  • Another user shared a terrifying experience wherein he purchased three tickets. At the venue he was unable to download three and instead for only one.

How does Vivid seats work?

To know and understand the process of vivid seats ,you must look at the following steps:

  • Users who are no longer willing to participate in an event can opt for reselling their tickets.
  • They can choose vivid seats and set up their ticket for sale.
  • Next, they have to set the price limit of their preferences for the tickets.
  • After that, the transaction process shall be facilitated by Vivid seats to ensure security and safety of both parties.
  • Then it shall be th responsibility of Vivid seats to get the tickets delivered to its right destination after a user places an order.

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