Is thriftbooks Legit? 50+ Users Based Reviews 2023

In this article, we shall see– Is thriftbooks legit? As the name suggests, it is related to books, and you must also be wondering the same. It is a web-based bookseller of used books.

We will see if it is a real company and whether it is legit and safe to be used by avid readers if Amazon owns it. We will also look into the shipping procedure, codes, if any, etc.

Is Thriftbooks a real company?

You can get the books you want to read in this company, Thriftbooks trusted brand they would be used books. It started in 2003 and sold its first book, and has since been doing well. Their products are not limited to books; you can buy DVDs, video games, etc.

They provide their services through their app as well. You can even earn free books. They provide you with a discount of up to 20% for any item that is eligible. Still wondering – is Thriftbooks legit? Don’t worry. We got that covered for you. Hence it is a real company.

Is Thriftbooks safe and legit?

We have researched whether this company is safe and legitimate. We have found that this company has a very high trust score. The users give positive reviews, too, confirming their validity.

The company has 500 thousand plus downloads which is yet another factor that supports that the company is legit. 

Are thriftbooks owned by Amazon?

Jason Meyer and Daryl Butcher found this company. Amazon is a vast platform that is used to shop a lot of items. One of the essential things sold at Thriftbooks – the books are also sold here. This company is more used by those readers who want to avoid Amazon.

Hence this company is not a subsidiary of Amazon, nor does Amazon own it.

How long does it take to ship on Thriftbooks?

Still wondering– is Thriftbooks legit? I think you all must have got the answer by now. It is legit. Let us now see about the time it takes to ship the products. The delivery date can be estimated by the time it takes to process an order plus the time in transit.

According to the research that we have conducted, the company takes around one to two days to ship its products.

Why is Thriftbooks so cheap?

The books and the other products at Thriftbooks are used ones. They sell the books after assessing the quality of the book. They try to sell their products at the lowest price possible.

This will help many readers as though it is used, they can read the book they want at good quality, and hence it is cheap. The condition of the book is also ensured that it is good.

Out of social responsibility, they have a big readers community, and they protect the three crore tenets, thus being ethical.

Thriftbooks Promocodes

The readers must have attained clarity on – is Thriftbooks legit. Let us now move on to the promo codes of the company. Once you open their website, you can find an option saying you can get 20% off.

The readers can use different promo codes, like 10% off; you can get free shipping if your purchase is above 10$.

User Reviews

Let us see the reviews of the company.

Positive Reviews

  • A reader had purchased a set of books from this company and found them in good condition. He gave a 5-star rating on google play and even used the promo codes.
  • Another user was quite impressed by their products and availed of free shipping as her total bill was above 10$, and she could make good use of the offers by the company.

Negative Reviews

  • A user found the app unsatisfactory as the book he got was different from the one he ordered. He even contacted customer services but couldn’t get any response from them.
  • Another user found the books to be in poor condition.
  • The website’s functioning was found to be confusing by another user.


This article must have clarified your query – is Thriftbooks legit? The company is a real and legit company. You can get books here for a low rate, and that too within one to two days. Amazon does not own it. 

We hope you liked our article, do give us your valuable comments.

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