Hawlog Legit or NOt ? Check Reviews [May 2023]

In this article, let us see what the website Hawlog is; you’ll must be wondering is hawlog legit or not. Don’t worry; we will find out that also, including what all products are available with them.

Let us see the customer reviews and the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing the products. Let us know what is unique about this web page.

What is Hawlog?

Once you open their web page, you can find different options like the details regarding the products and their contact details. Under the Home option, you can see a list of items like bicycles, products related to babies, and speakers that the users can use in cars.

You can even buy watches, vacuum cleaners, television, sofa, skates, etc. Once you click on a product, you can see the product image, below which the details are also mentioned, and the price you are supposed to pay is also given.


  • Products available – electrical products and various appliances which can be used in the home.
  • Contact Number – 1(612)-363-4590
  • Address – Plymouth, United States
  • Email id – the email id of the website is service@peoplewet.shop
  • Timings – 9 am to 5 pm
  • Date of Registration – 12th April 2023, the owners registered the web page
  • Update – the website was updated on 12th April 2023
  • Date of Expiry – the web page has an expiry of 12th April 2024
  • Refund Policy – it is mentioned on their website
  • Social Media – it is not known if they are available on social media

These are a few details about the web page, and are you still wondering about – is hawlog legit or not? Do not worry; we got that covered for you


  • You can purchase different items through this web page.
  • The payment can be made through two methods – Paypal, credit cards
  • If you order shoes from here, then the shoes will be given in boxes.
  • They shop and deliver to different countries, and their scope is not restricted.
  • You can track your orders which come with the product that you order.
  • Essential policies like the privacy policy, refund policy, etc., are given.
  • The products will take only 5 to 8 days
  • The contact details of the web page are also given on their web page
  • The website obtains Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate


  • When you place an order, you will have to pay shipping charges
  • You cannot keep a product for return unless an error is found on the part of the web page. They have even shown an example where if you order a smaller shoe and get a bigger size, you can return your product.
  • There are some cookies on this website that might put your privacy at risk
  • The number of visitors that the website has is deficient

Is Hawlog legit?

The readers must now be wondering about the validity of the website. You will get your answer soon. According to the research that we have done, the web page has a low trust score of 27 out of 100. The web page also does not have many visitors daily.

The date that the owners gave for updating and the date that the website would expire are the same, raising the question of the website’s legitimacy. Therefore, the web page may or may not be legit. We advise the readers to be aware and careful.

Hawlog Customer Reviews

The reviews given by the customer are very crucial as they will help the upcoming customer whether they should choose the website and whether it can be taken into consideration or not.

We have tried generating information regarding the reviews, if given any, but we could not find such information. We request the readers to come back as we will update once we find reviews about the web page.


The web page shows a list of items on sale, including the picture and details describing the product. There are no reviews given by the users now, and its customers have no option.

The trust score is low for the website, and it is pretty new. So, if you are still wondering – is Hawlog legit? Then it may or may not. We, however, would ask readers to be careful before proceeding. We hope you found this article helpful, do give us your feedback.

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